Feb 27, 2007 11:09 PM by Discussion: Skinning
Does the E-Mail notification work anymore if a Skin doesn't get approved?
I submitted a Frankenstein BootSkin before the "Fractal 134" and "Fractal 135" BootSkins.
They're out of Moderation but "Windows Frankenstein" isn't.
I'm just wondering if it was unapproved.
Thanks Guys.  
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Brad Wardell should probably read this as well

Feb 18, 2007 7:48 PM by Discussion: Skinning
I have a question. And please don't take this in any way disrespectful.
I was wondering if any of the BootSkins ever actually get tested before being approved?
I have scrutinized many numerous BootSkins just to see if people are getting their Skins correct. Mainly because before I did any BootSkinning I would download alot of BootSkins and sometimes I'd get a Skin that would mess up on my computer. I didn't know why at the time, so I thought the BootSkin Program had bugs and flaws in it. Anyway, wouldn't it be a good idea to have Quality Control on these BootSkins? If it's because the Moderators or whomever it is that does the approving doesn't want to actually test out the BootSkins by restarting their computers, I'm sure there's quite a few of us around that would be willing to do so. There's a guy who just had his Skin approved. No bad regards to him, you can tell it's his first Skin. The Skin itself is made up of 15 colors for the Screen and 4 colors on the Progress Bar. None of them even match. When you restart your computer, you get the old psychedelic inverted screen colors with the Progress Bar dragging artifacts along side of it. His Background is Blue, but of course the Master Palette Color isn't, so it creates a big black rectangle. This Skin already has 91 downloads has only been up a few hours.
This isn't the only Skin I've came across. I literally come across dozens. That's why I figured I'd ask this question.
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Feb 18, 2007 12:21 AM by Discussion: Skinning
I was wondering if any Moderator could do me a favor and please delete my section of Chinese Zodiac BootSkins. They're not doing well, probably a total of 250 downloads, taking up server space, and kind of an eye sore between the other Skins. People have to go an extra page or two just to get around them. I really do appreciate you guys taking the time and letting me put them up, especially giving me a rating of 7, but sometimes things just aren't a success. Now Mr. Martin, chances are you've probably got this whole Website Linked with the Forums on High Priority Alert to your Cell Phone, 'cause you always seem to be around. 
Anyway, for the people who had downloaded them, Thank You, and consider them a "While Quantities Last" BootSkin.  
Thank You once again guys,
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Feb 6, 2007 5:17 PM by Discussion: Skinning
I was wondering if any Moderator knows what happened to my BootSkin "XP Flow - Reddish Version" that I submitted.
It was between DigitalPix4all's Fractal 122 and Fractal 123.
The address was
Since then, even another BootSkin that DigitalPix4All submitted after mine, has been released. I've looked for mine, and it seems to be totally deleted off of the server.
Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You. 
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I was wondering if a Moderator could please delete the doubles I have in the BootSkins category. I thought there was a glitch in the system and resubmitted some MAME BootSkins and a couple others. The doubles have came through today. Any of the Doubles of BootSkins I have now and possibly coming through in a day or two, being deleted, would be appreciated as the Delete function doesn't work.
Thank You So Much Guys and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.
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Jan 31, 2007 4:05 AM by Discussion: Skinning
I was wondering if a Moderator could do me a favor.
There is a BootSkin that has just been released by someone named "whiteknight1267".
The name of the BootSkin is called "Satan".
The real name of this Skin is called "Welcome", from a man called John Schwegel, who has created and copyrighted it. I've been putting up John's work with his permission in such Skins as "Lil Devil", "Jerky", and "Krystal Draggin". John has given me permission to convert his work, that's why I send a link back to his website, and insert the E-Mail we had conversed about, on him giving me special permission to do his work within my BootSkin Files. I have already done his Wallpaper called "Welcome", along with quite a few others. I wait and submit about 1 a week due to his limited Wallpapers. If you could please delete the Skin "Satan", it would be much appreciated, as White Knight has not gotten John Schwegel's permission.
Here's a picture of the BootSkin "Welcome" that I'd converted about six weeks ago. I just haven't submitted it yet. Here's the BootSkin picture:

Thank You So Much Guys!
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Jan 29, 2007 11:55 PM by Discussion: Skinning
Please forgive me if this sounds stupid, but I was wondering why we have to save our images in JPEG format instead of GIF format, which would use less File size for these types of images.
In Gif format, we could even preview animated Bootskin images that would look like the original Bootskin Preview itself and still use half to a third of the File size, which would also help to save Data Transfer Bandwidth.
Here's an example:

And the File Size is only 55K compared to 100K or 150K for JPEG of the same quality.
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About Vista

Jan 20, 2007 12:33 AM by Discussion: Skinning
I'm sorry in advance for this question, but I've been wondering about this for a long time. So if I sound ignorant, please forgive me. The question's probably already been asked before.
Does anyone know, which probably all of SD/WC's Admins, Moderators and other affiliates do, if the new Vista OS will have the same 4bit coloring on Booting as XP does?
Thank You for any responses and/or answers.
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Jan 19, 2007 3:52 PM by Discussion: Skinning
I was wondering if anyone knows what these awards are for. I see them on my Profile Page and they weren't there before.
Top 1 BootSkins Downloads and
Top 1 Total Downloads

Thank You.
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Jan 17, 2007 4:17 AM by Discussion: Skinning
I'm kind of confused. It looks like everything's been changed on the site, which is cool but, what happened to the "Top Authors" Box?
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